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SFX Special effects

We bring special effects to add an extra of spectacularity to any event, wedding or private party. With more than 10 years of experience in technical assistance for events, galas and festivals, we offer explosions of confetti, streamers, colored powders, spark fountains (without pyrotechnics), flamethrowers, bubbles, smoke… We design and advise and also rent and We sell fx machines and consumables through our dealer partners.

Rental of spark machines, bubbles, flamethrowers, flamethrower shotgun, confetti, streamers…

Bubbles with smoke and light:

Consumption: 2000W Control: DMX 8 channels and remote control

Consumable: Special liquid bubbles and smoke. included.

We filled the bubble space with/without smoke and light to create a magical atmosphere.

Flame  projectors:

Consumption: 100W Control: DMX

Consumable: Gas. Including 2 cans per machine, approx. 100 shots.

Flame height: 3.5 m.

Vertical flamethrowers, they give spectacularity and contribute to the environment and the scene. Both for festivals and private parties.

For outdoor use.

Fire Gun:

Consumption: Battery. Manual control

Consumable: Yes, including 2 gas bottles. Approx. 150 shots.

Flame height: 3-5 m

Flame gun projector for artists, dancers, gogos, etc. An instrument that attracts attention by itself, spectacular and that fills the stage. Simple to use and with 3 safety systems for activation.

low fog:

Consumption : 1100 . DMX control and remote control

Consumable: Yes, including a tank of special liquid for low smoke and pure water.

Recommended for indoors.

Co2 Gun + Led + Confetti:

Consumption: Co2 and confetti

control: trigger with safety

Consumable: yes, including 12 kg Co2 bottle and confetti.

 Distance: 15-20m.

Co2 shotgun, spectacular for DJs, gogos, dancers or performances with light and also the possibility of throwing confetti if desired.

It can be used indoors.

Co2 Gun:

Consumption: Co2 control: trigger with safety

 Consumable: yes, including 12kg Co2 bottle

 Distance: 8m.

Co2 shotgun, spectacular for DJs, gogos, dancers or performances.

It can be used indoors.


Consumption: 750W Control: DMX and remote control.

Consumable: Yes, including a tank full of special granulate. Approx. 15 minutes of sparks.

Spark height: 3-5m. Dimmable.

Spark sources that are not pyrotechnics or produce smoke. To highlight special moments, dance openings, concerts, private events, shows… It is commonly known as cold fire.

(check safety conditions for indoor use).

Photocall & Displays

Magic Visual Complements

We have different materials with perfect optical effects to attract attention at an event or a photocall, ask us, we can help you brighten up your event. Our invisible chair, or levitation chair as a photocall or as a customizable attraction, the photo is guaranteed! A living statue that is sitting on an invisible chair! An exclusive, self-made attraction that has moved thousands of spectators at magic festivals, private events, exclusive parties, hotels and restaurants. Available in our premium animation. The Magic Faucet, As a magical decoration will attract attention without any doubt. A faucet that pours water or any other liquid… but where does it come from? If there are no pipes! or our most modern Levitronic, a Greek column on which we can levitate almost any object, either as decoration or to enhance a product. This effect that has confused even great magicians is simply and with all the letters MAGICAL, without strings, without any type of support, we simply make it float! Exclusive attraction of own manufacture.

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Events services

We improve your event, magically.

Magia FX

Your event taken to new levels of spectacularity, our effects for interior and exterior..
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Close Up Magic

Perfect for businesses that want to offer something different to their customers. An unrepeatable added value for the Ibiza experience.
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The Magic MC

If you need a presenter for your event, we are masters of ceremonies with different and fun options.
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360º Video Booth

Don't you know the new way to promote an event on social networks? vitality guaranteed!
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Entertainment services for hotels and private parties.

We improve your event, magically.