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Premium events in Ibiza

With the experience in organization and coordination of events in Ibiza, which we have, we can guarantee that in any need in 5-star events, can be an essential partner, and above all reliable. Call us and tell us about your needs, we can surely bring our “magic” to your establishment or private event.

We design, organize, direct and carry out animations, activities, shows and non-invasive performances with the best artists on the island.

start the day with a smile

Breakfast animation

At breakfast, customers who wish will enjoy the non-invasive live performances and start the day with a smile watching the mime, enjoying the juggling or being amazed by the magic. We adjust the type of performances and artists to your needs.

brightening up the afternoons in the sun

Afternoon animation

In the afternoons, we bring a touch of joy to the terraces where adults and children who wish can enjoy the performances of the tightrope walker, the stilts…

We also bring gifts, elegant balloons with feathers, magic tricks…a gentle and perfect memory of the holidays.

For any situation

Luxury Pop-ups

We make the most elegant pop-ups with the best artists to give a touch of distinction to the best luxury hotels and Resorts, adjusting to the needs of each one with 25 years of experience in the sector.

Both for private events such as hotels, restaurants, festivals, etc. We carry out the most competent artistic direction with the best artists, accompanying them with special effects and of course magic to create incredibly beautiful and fun animations and performances.


Performances with fire and special effects.


Performances with light and special effects.


Performances for pool parties, terraces, and daytime hours.


Infiltrated actors, waiters, customers, pizza deliverers, etc. who become comedians, acrobats, jugglers…

Elegant and spectacular

Show time

We give a magical touch to dinners with the best performances of magic, fire, lights, special effects… with the best cast of artists on the island.

We design customized shows with amazing ideas.

Events Services

We improve your event, magically.

Because Ibiza is the magical island

Entertainment services for hotels and private parties.

We improve your event MAGICALLY!