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360º BOOTH

The most innovative and successful attraction, for events, weddings, hotels, restaurants and also an effective digital marketing tool.

We are bringing the 360-degree video booth to the island for the first time, where participants will enjoy a 360-degree video session accompanied by special effects dancing and moving to the rhythm of the music. As a souvenir, the participants will be able to download the video generated with the personalized logo and they will share it on networks, so its success and eye-catching will undoubtedly be spectacular.

We can also take photos of the participants enjoying the attraction and be able to take them as a souvenir printed with your logo.

Ideal attraction for company events, farewells, weddings, private events, hotels, restaurants and any type of day or night celebration.

Event services

We improve your event, magically.

Magia FX

Your event taken to new levels of spectacularity, our effects for interior and exterior..
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Close Up Magic

Perfect for businesses that want to offer something different to their customers. An unrepeatable added value for the Ibiza experience.
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The Magic MC

If you need a presenter for your event, we are masters of ceremonies with different and fun options.
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360º Video Booth

Don't you know the new way to promote an event on social networks? vitality guaranteed!
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Entertainment services for hotels and private parties.

We improve your event, magically.